Buffet Packages at Hoda’s offers a large variety of dishes at a reasonable price.

$21.00 to $35 per person

       Wedding Family Style Dinner Packages

A great experience for your guests to gather at the dinner table and enjoy each other’s company with our endless flavorful dishes to pass around.

$30 to $50 per person

Plated Dinner Packages

A nice variety of Salads,  Entrees and side dishes to be served to each guest.

$35 to $55 per person

 bar-set-upFull Bar

Stations Menu

Kabob Bar

Shawarma Bar

Mediterranean hors D’oeuvres Bar

Taco Bar

Baked Potato Bar

$12 to $25 per person

Please choose from the following Menu for your next eventcatering-pastries

Heavy Hors D’oeuvres & Cold Appetizers

Humos Platter

Baba Ghanouje

Taziki saucekLWO7irMLAnBx90I-sIottrGPKfviges1dB9qpC-5dcbar-set-up

Fresh cut vegetables (Seasonal vegetables )

Vegetarian stuffed grape Leaves

Feta cheese Platter with olives, cucumbers, basil and peperonicini

Caprese -Mozzarella , cherry tomatoes, olives and cucumber skewers with fresh mint.

Philo dough cup cakes filled with spinach , feta and mushrooms.

Smoked salmon Bruschetta with arugulaL6DhGjjw8NdeGb0ZY4t1Vo8jMZ5ExiNgUmNkq3LRPnQ1LelRTMqc75V0wsfa_1hxAeiQhGf9BB0rcAsquikg5I

Humos Bruschetta with dill pickles & arugula

Turkey bacon wrapped with asparagus or string beans.

Little pocket pita bites with Halloumi cheese, olives , mint and cucumbers.

Sumac Humos platter

Our hand made Pies

Spinach pies

Meat pies

Swiss chard pies

Roasted Red pepper pies

Zaatar pies

Feta and Mozarrella cheese  cheeses piescheese-pies

Artichoke , feta and sun dried tomatoes pizza bites

Hot Appetizers

Falafel pocket pita bites

Small chicken breast kabobs

Small Kafta (grass fed beef) kabobs

Small vegetable kabobs

Small shrimp kabobs

Salmon Kabobschicken-skewers

Stuffed meat grape leaves

Kafta sliders

Lamb sliders

Pulled Pork sliders

Hot Entrees

Charbroiled Kabobsbeef-skewers2

Chicken thigh or breast Kabobs

Kafta Kabob – Carman Ranch  grass fed ground beef or grass fed  ground lamb with seasonings.

Beef tenderloin Kabobs

Lamb, Chicken or Beef shawarma

Lamb shanks

Charbroiled  barbecue sauce Chicken leg quarter from Drapery Valley Farm

Lamb Chops

Lemon Thyme Chicken- fillet of chicken breast with lemon zest and lemon thyme herb.

Cedar Plank Salmon –

Dajaj over rice- Grass fed ground beef seasoned cooked with jasmine rice topped with poached chicken , toasted almonds, pine nuts and raisins .

Leg of grass-fed Lamb over rice topped with  toasted pine nuts and almonds- served with grilled seasonal  vegetables.

Vegetarian Entrees

Sauteed  local green beans cooked in our home made tomato sauce , onions and garlic.

Stuffed eggplant with mushrooms, green peppers, almonds and onions.

Sauteed local eggplant dish- cooked with fresh garlic, onions, seasonings, garbanzo beans and our home made tomato sauce.

Fried cauliflower, zucchini and eggplant topped with garlic, fresh lemon and italian parsley.

Lima beans cooked with garlic, onions , our home made tomato sauce topped with fresh cilantro.

Rice Dishes

All our Rice dishes are vegan

Basmati rice- Plain with vegetable stock

Turkish rice with Orange zest , white wine, cranberries, raisins and slivered almonds.

Mujadra – green lentil cooked with Jasmine rice topped with  caramelized onions .


fattoush-saladKale salad with feta, fresh mint, cucumbers and  toasted almonds tossed in fresh squeeze

lemons and balsamic vinaigrette.

Tabouleh salad  (gluten free with Quinoa )- finely chopped italian parsley, diced tomatoes, diced onions, mint,

lemon juice and olive oil

Mediterranean Feta Salad- Romaine lettuce tossed with fresh tomatoes, red onions, kalamata Olives, feta cheese, pepperoncinni with lemon and red wine vinegar olive oil dressing.

Fattoush salad- Lebanese Style- Fresh herb salad mixed with radishes, green peppers, mint, italian parsley, sumac, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon and olive oil dressings served with pita chips on top.

Potato salad- Mediterranean style- Potatoes tossed with fresh mint, italian parsley, dill, red  and green onions with fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil dressing.

Mix Greens Salad– Mix greens tossed with fresh seasonal fruits, hazelnuts, parmesan cheese, cranberries, red onions with a champagne white balsamic vinaigrette.halloumi-plate

Seasonal raw vegetables


Baklava– Philo dough layered with walnuts and topped with orange blossom water syrup.

Nights of Lebanon– white heavy cream topped with seasonal fresh fruits topped with fresh almonds, pistachios and orange blossom water syrup

Namoura– Semolina cake with orange blossom water syrup

Fruit tray- Hoda’s uses local farmers seasonal fruits for your party platter.