Family Style Specialties

We offer many Samplers to introduce you to Lebanese Cuisine.  Mezza in our Culture is always served for social occasions when friends and family gather to enjoy conversation and laughter by passing these dishes around your table.

Taste of the Middle East for two  – 8 courses $47

Two 100% grass-fed ground beef Kafta Kabob, chicken kabob served on bed of basmati rice with humos, baba ghanouje, tabouleh, falafel and stuffed meat grape leaves.

Taste of Beirut for two  6 courses $45

Tabouleh, humos, beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, spinach pies and sambousek.

Hoda’s Feast serves 6-8 people   13 courses  $159

Tabouleh, humos, baba, mouhamra, Mixed pickle plate with olives, maanek sausage, feta cheese platter, falafels, stuffed grape leaves, spinach pies, meat pies, choice of your kabobs 2 of each served with basmati rice.

Grass-fed Bone In Leg of Lamb serves 7-10 people  – 5 courses $220

Bone in Leg of Lamb over rice nicely marinated and baked to perfection served with Lebanese rice – grass fed ground beef seasoned and cooked with basmati rice topped with toasted almonds, pine nuts and raisins.  Leg of Lamb is also served with seasonal grilled vegetables, humos and tabouleh.    Must order 2 days in advance.( send us an email )


Grass-fed Beef Kafta Kabob   $7

Shish Tawook Chicken breast Kabob $8

Lamb Kabob  $10

Kabob Trio   $ 19


Lebanese Rice  $9

Seasoned grass-fed beef cooked with jasmine rice and topped with toasted almonds and raisins.

Sheik al Mehshi $9

Grilled Eggplant stuffed with with grass-fed beef , onions, toasted almonds with our home made tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese.

 Meat Mezza for one $16 for two $32

Tabouleh, humos, baba ghanouje, grass-fed Kafta Kabob, basmati rice and meat pie.

Kafta Kabob Platter $16

Two charbroiled skewers of 100% grass-fed ground beef kabob mixed with
onions and parsley, served with basmati rice and a house salad.

 Shish Tawouk Plate $16

Boneless chicken breast nicely marinated and charbroiled,
served with garlic sauce, basmati rice and a house salad

 Lamb Kabobs $19

New Zealand lamb kabobs marinated and charbroiled in our house spices, served with basmati rice and a house salad.

Fried Kibbeh (ngf) $10

4 Kibbeh balls fried prepared from  top sirloin meat, mixed with crushed wheat filled with grass-fed ground beef seasoned with pine nuts and onions. served with Taziki sauce.

#5 Beef Shawarma Plate $8

Local Grass-fed Beef Served with sauteed onions  and tahini sauce.

#6 Chicken Shawarma Plate $8

Flavored thinly sliced chicken thigh marinated with our house seasoning, grilled
with sautéed onions and served with garlic.

 Lamb Shawarma Plate $13

Grass-fed  New Zealand Leg of Lamb marinated  and Served with sauteed onions  and tahini sauce.

 Charbroiled Lemon Thyme Chicken $16

garlic, smoked paprika and olive oil. Served with humos and grilled vegetables

Salmon with Sumac Crust , garlic and lemon $22

Grilled wild Salmon marinated in sumac, garlic, lemon and topped with tahini sauce and toasted almonds. Served with Freekah (smoked whole wheat pilaf) and grilled vegetables.

Lamb Shanks $18

Cooked to tender lamb shanks with pomegranate molasses marinated in our house seasonings, red wine and fresh basil . Served with house salad and Basmati rice.