#21 Taste of the Middle East (for Two) 8 courses $45

Two 100% grass-fed ground beef kafta kabob skewers, two chicken kabob skewers – served on a bed of basmati rice with humos, baba ghanouje, tabouleh falafel and stuffed grape leaves.

#22 Taste of Beirut (for Two) 6 courses $42

Tabouleh, humos, beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, spinach pies, and sambousek.

#23 Hoda’s Feast (6-8 People) 13 courses $159

Tabouleh, mouhamra, humos, baba ghanouje, Maanek sausage, imported olives, feta cheese, falafels, grape leaves, spinach pies, meat pies and your choice of six kabobs with basmati rice.